We’ll recruit any position for you, scan through the candidates

(do psychometric assessments if needed) and present you with the best options.

Just give us the job description and we will confirm the expected competencies with you. From there we will search for the best fit according to the job profile and your company culture.

Standard Terms & Conditions:

1. Terms and conditions

In the event that JF Consulting has signed a preferred supplier or similar agreement with a client, which terms differ to those of this agreement, then those terms shall prevail.


The employment by the client of a candidate or the referral of a candidate by JF Consulting shall be deemed acceptance by the client of all the terms and conditions of business as stated in this document.


2. Payment of fees

The client shall be liable for payment of the placement fee to JF Consulting as detailed in clause 4 below, when the candidate commences employment with the employer.  The placement fee is payable to JF Consulting on receipt of invoice, or by no later than 5 days of such invoice.


3. Fee structure:

Recruitement Fees-01


“Gross annual income” of a candidate – refers to the gross annual income, inclusive of all bonuses, allowances and other benefits payable by the client to the candidate.