The following platforms are available:


We make use of Zoom for counselling purposes. Depending on the client’s signal strength we can use video and audio or audio only. It is secure, because the client can only join per invite.

Secure email (Protonmail)

Proton email is an end to end encrypted email system with its servers in Switzerland. Once a week the client sends a 50 minute email (not more than 1000 words), and I respond once a week.

Whatsapp Calls (Video/Audio)

Counselling can also be done through Whatsapp audio and video. No text Whatsapp will be answered.

Clickdoc (CGM)

This is also an end to end encrypted counselling application. The client will receive an invite and code to enter the communication platform.


Ordinary telephone calls are also another method that can be used for counselling. No text messages will be answered.

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