Life Coaching & Leadership Mentoring

Mentoring Facilitation 

We assist Senior Personnel to fulfill a mentoring role to junior personnel. First the Mentees are assessed to determine their growth potential, thereafter they are linked up with a mentor of their own choice. Then we facilitate the Mentor-Mentee sessions to ascertain sustainability. The Mentor-Mentee facilitation program consist of six meetings with individual Mentor-Mentee pairs throughout the year.


The aim is to keep the company’s goals in mind, as well as the specific growth areas of the individual.

Life Coaching


How happy are you with your life? Think about it for a moment… 100%? If not, why not?

Despite your circumstances you can be 100% happy. It is achievable because happiness comes from within. It is about inner transformation, which has to happen before it can be externally manifested.


We take you trough a process of 40 days, during which 7 strategic questions are answered.

Asking the right questions and committing them to paper over 40 days offers you an effective way to assess your life, clarify what’s important and inspire you to take action.

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